Technical ยป K4AUX Ron Hogarth: Ham Radio & Condo Life
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Written by Ron Hogarth, K4AUX   
Ron Hogarth, K4AUX, lives in a golf course condominium and is and avid ham operator with interests in DXing and mobile operating.  He took some photos of his various installations to show how he balances condo life with radio. His approach to maritime mobile is particularly interesting!

Ron's Texas Bugcatcher as set up on his lanai along with his 2 meter antenna.

Ron's mobile/portable vertical implementation to get the antenna in the open. It's an MP-1 on a Hustler 54" fold down mast with MFJ 12 ft. telescoping whip.

Operating maritime mobile with his Yaesu 897 powered by a portable 12v SLA battery through an MFJ voltage conditioner for 100 watts output.  It's also capable of 20 watts out with internal batteries.

This is the extended MP-1 antenna attached to a deck cleat with a mirror mount.

Ron's 1 ft. by 10 ft. aluminum roofing flashing attached to ground or the antenna mount with wire.

The aluminum flashing ground goes over the side for antenna ground to salt water.

A very compact condo station.  XYL view!

Ron's view!  The station is an IC-736, Tokyo 450 400 watt amp, Yaesu 897D, and Clear Speech DSP.

Extended Buddipole attached to the ceiling of the 2nd story condo lanai at approximately 22 ft.