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On the Air Again From the Sharks Tooth Festival

For the third year, the Tamiami Amateur Radio Club (TARC) of Venice will be operating Special Event Radio Station K4S April 11 - 13 from the grounds of the Venice Sharks Tooth Festival. Previously, operating in the field, similar to after a hurricane or other emergency, TARC members spread the word of the Sharks Tooth Festival. At the 2007 Festival, 531 contacts were made during 26 hours “on the air.” These included contacts with 40 States and Canadian provinces and 20 countries, with Russia being the most distant. In addition, numerous contacts were made via the Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Amateur Radio satellites.

The TARC has sent many special commemorative cards to the stations contacted during the Festival. Photos on this special K4S card show both TARC and Festival activities on the front. The back of the card describes Venice, the Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World, nearby Caspersen Beach, and the charitable benefits of the Sharks Tooth Festival.

Some 75 area-wide radio amateurs belong to the TARC. Although most amateur radio operators practice this hobby for pleasure, a large number of them are always ready to assist with emergency communications if and when needed. Usually known as “Hams,” they come from all walks of life, but are mutually interested in radio communications. These “Hams” routinely talk with other Amateur Radio operators around the World, using many different modes, including various forms of digital communications as well as voice. As knowledge of Morse code is no longer required to obtain an Amateur Radio license, more people are being attracted to this fascinating hobby. The TARC invites Festival attendees to stop by the operating site and meet some TARC members. They will all be happy to discuss how anyone can take the first step toward becoming an Amateur Radio operator.