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The Shark's Tooth Festival 2007


Ham Radio Again Spreading Word of the Sharks Tooth Festival

Again this year, the Tamiami Amateur Radio Club (TARC) of Venice operated Special Event Radio Station K4S April 20 - 22 from the grounds of the Venice Sharks Tooth Festival. Last year, operating under simulated emergency conditions as they would during a hurricane or other emergency, TARC members exchanged contacts with over 400 Amateur Radio stations throughout the United States and in eight foreign countries. In addition, over 30 contacts were made via the Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Amateur Radio satellites.

Amateur Radio operators routinely exchange colorful cards, known as QSLs, to confirm such contacts, and the TARC sent a special commemorative QSL to the stations contacted last year. This special K4S QSL shows both TARC and Festival activities on the front via photo montage. The back of the card describes Venice, the Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World, nearby Caspersen Beach, and the charitable benefits of the Sharks Tooth Festival.

The TARC membership is comprised of some 75 local radio amateurs, better known as “Hams” of all ages and from all walks of life, bonded together via a common interest in radio communications. These “Hams” here in Venice routinely talk with other Amateur Radio operators all over the globe using many different modes, which include digital communications as well as voice and amateur television. Since the FCC deleted the mandatory requirement of Morse code proficiency in order to obtain an Amateur Radio license, Amateur Radio is experiencing a renewed growth throughout the USA. The TARC invites all who attend the Festival to stop by the operating site and meet some of its members.They will all be happy to discuss how anyone can take the first step toward entering the fascinating hobby of Amateur Radio.




Tamiami Amateur Radio Club members Don Gray-WD7A (left) operates while Stew Haag-W4MO logs the K4S contacts at the 2006 Venice Sharks Tooth Festival.




Eric Owen - KD4MZM on the left and George Emigh - AB4BD on the right. Eric came down all three days to make K4S contacts via the AO-51 satellite.




Stew Haag - W4MO operating and Andy Durette-KB1HIP logging.




Stew Haag - W4MO operating and Andy Durette-KB1HIP logging.




Stew Haag-W4MO tries his hand working the LEO AO-51 with the hand held Arrow duoband antenna.




TARC President Konrad Owens-WA3RRS stands at rigid attention as he chats with a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary from the neighboring booth. Our trusty Cushcraft R-5 vertical in the background.




Jack Sproat-W4JS at the "public relations" table (I don't know why I look so bored, what with all the people passing by) with Andy Durette-KB1HIP beaming at the camera. (Maybe Andy just told a joke that was pretty corny?)




TARC President Konrad Owens-WA3RRS runs the rig while Stew Haag-W4MO logs.