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The 2014 Shark Tooth Festival was the best turnout of TARC members to date.  We set up operations Friday morning and immediately started operating on K4S.  Band conditions were excellent except for 8 hours or so on Saturday.  Between the on-site station and supporting home stations, we had a grand total of 1314 QSOs.  That’s 784 Q’s more than in 2013!!!

To list and thank all who aided with this event would require posting the entire club roster, however three individuals stand out.  Jack Sproat-W4JS, Fred Lathwood-KJ4TNI, and Andy Durette-KB1HIP made the extra effort to insure the Sharks Tooth event was a success.  Thank you all.

The Mosley Mini-32-A beam antenna supplied by Andy Durette-KB1HIP was up and ready to run about two
hours after set-up on Friday morning.  Dennis Leach-KG4SBG, Dave Gill-K4JDG, Frank Wroblewski-W2XYZ,
and Steve Lawrence-K9ARH pose when done.  Andy Durette helped in some small way and took the picture.

The 20 meter band was in great condition right from the start with many 20 over 9 contacts made. 
Andy Durette-KB1HIP was first thought to be on the far right, but after cafeful examination, we now
believe that Andy is in the middle.

Early Saturday morning ten of us met just outside the Festival gate to pick up the HT's (thanks to Stew Haag-W4MO),
plus safety vests and then we all left for our monitoring locations along the Sharks Tooth 10K race route.

San Yoder-K3SY logs while "Machine Gun" Dexter Atkinson-KB1FY racks up the stations calling K4S.
It's been rumored that if the microphone wasn't wrestled away from Dexter, he would still be there.

The Venice High School Radio Club, W4VHS, recently added 7 new members to TARC.  This is now 10% of our
 roster and speaks well for the future of the hobby.
Frank Wroblewski-W2XYZ works contacts while student member Emma Bonham-KK4YFQ logs. Faculty sponsor
of W4VHS and TARC member, Rob Lash-W4LRL, is ready to take the first empty chair.

Dave Gill-K4JDG works the night shift. His thoughts keep drifting back to his last performance evaluation:
"Dave does not work well with others"

The TARC booth was only one part of the Sharks Tooth Festival. 

What’s a Festival without live entertainment. A number of local groups were on the stage every day and evening.