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The TARC initiated operating from the Sharks Tooth Festival in 2006, and we’ve enjoyed a good relationship with the Special Athlete Boosters ever since. May that connection endure into the future.

                                          -- OK, HERE’S WHERE K4S GOES! --

 Dave-K4JDG,  Jim-KJ4NDO,  Andy-KB1HIP, and Bob-K1NOK pause after the beam went up

                                                                  -- LOOKING GOOD --

Jim Shortill-KJ4NDO checking out the antenna installation. Ain’t there something beautiful about a nice
beam antenna up above the horizon (or the Mote Marine fish tanks in this case).

                                                        -- READ THE MANUAL, DENNIS --

While Roger Schmitt-KY4RS observes, Andy-KB1HIP gives his attention to Dennis-KG4SBG who is
apparently researching some fine points about proper operation of the equipment.

                                             -- OK, THIS ONE HOOKS TO THAT ONE --

Potential Tamiami ARC member Dennis Leach-KG4SBG and Andy Durette-KB1HIP cross check
 to make sure the K4S station is going together as it should.

                                                           -- ROCKIN’ AND ROLLIN’ --

        Looks like Andy’s pulling out stations while Dennis takes a break to pass the time of day with Jim.

And so went our 2013 K4S operation.   A lot of time, effort, personal expenses, administrative activities,
kicking and prodding went on to get the K4S station up and running from the Sharks Tooth Festival site. 

A  number of those who provided support are not shown in this selection of photos taken by Bob Marchese K1NOK. However, the logs show who they were and their fellow TARC members, who kept the station on the air, know them.