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I was first licensed August 1954 as WN3ZWI and upgraded to General Class W3ZWI in 1955.  I was active on 10 meters with a home brew 4-element "plumbers delight" beam atop a 50' Vesto (windmill) tower. My transmitter was a Heathkit TX-1 Apache with a National NC-183D receiver. Relocations and other activities kept me off the air from 1963 until I was licensed as W4LCL in 1974 over in Cooper City, Florida. There I had a Collins station consisting of a KWM-2 transceiver with 312-B5 external PTO, 32S-3 transmitter, 75-S3C receiver and 30-L1 linear. The antenna was a Telrex TB5EM on a 50' Aluma tower.

My company, James M. Montgomery Consulting Engineers, offered overseas assignments to qualified engineers, so in June 1979 I headed off to Indonesia where I was Chief Design Engineer for a World Bank-funded potable water supply project for five cities. I was granted the Indonesian license YB0ACL, and was active on 10/15/20 meters with a Heathkit HW-101 and a home brew 2-element cubical quad. After a brief return to Florida, I went back to Indonesia to develop and participate in a WHO/UNDP-funded training project for Indonesian engineers. As such, YB0ACL was active into mid-1983.

From 1983 through 1986, I worked in The Sudan and Egypt, however, I was unable to get licenses to operate in those countries. In 1987, I upgraded to Extra Class shortly before going to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where I was project manager and training specialist for a USAID-funded project for the Water Authority of Jordan. I was granted the Jordanian license JY9LC and operated until mid-1989, using my Collins S-Line and 30-L1.

I returned to Indonesia in late 1990 and managed to get licensed once again--as YB1ARW in Tangerang, West Java, and YB2ARW in Semarang, Central Java. The rig was an ICOM IC-730 with an ICOM IC-2KL linear. I had a Cushcraft A4S at 50' in Tangerang, but lost that antenna in a freak wind storm. We utilized the remaining 30 feet of that tower at Semarang, with a Cushcraft A3S at 32' and an A3WS at 40' at our QTH about 300' above the Java Sea.

I retired 01 January 1996 and Yuli and I moved to Englewood, based solely on the positive and sincere recommendations from a local ham during a one time QSO on 17 meters when I was in Semarang. His recommendations proved to be correct. We bought an acre of land suitable for ham radio use. While our home was under construction, I applied for my current vanity call sign which was granted one week before we moved into our home.

The first tower up was a 72' motorized US Tower, with the Semarang beams on top, over a Cushcraft 40-2CD 40-meter beam. Later a Hy-Gain TH11DX replaced the smaller Cushcraft beams. The raising cable on that tower broke, severely damaging the tower, in late 2004. We installed a 60' Aluma tower on a new foundation in early 2005, with the TH11DX. In 2007, we contracted for installation of a 70' guyed Rohn 45G tower on the old US Tower foundation, with a 4-element SteppIR and the 40-2CD on top.  The Aluma tower and TH11DX were decommissioned, and the SteppIR was retrofitted with the 30/40 driven element in 2013. The current station consists of an ICOM IC-775DSP driving a Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.5KFX kilowatt amp for SSB and an IC-7600 running barefoot for RTTY and CW, using the internal macros of that radio.

73, Jack-W4JS

Jack Sproat