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Hello all.
I was first licensed in January, 1963 as WN8GTH in Lorain, Ohio and upgraded in June, 1963. The FCC decided to change my call to WA8IQF. My parents and my brother all became hams at the same time. I remember my Dad working overtime at the Post Office to buy our rig. Back then it was a Hallicrafters HT-40, HA-5, Hammarlund HQ110, WRL LA-1 amp, 40M dipole at 45', 6M beam at 70', and Mosley TA-33JR at about 60'. I had a blast!  During high school I logged over 10,000 QSO's and still managed to get into college.  Then I went inactive for about 40 years, but never let my license expire.

I went to
Kent State University for my undergraduate degree and the University of Georgia for my Masters. In another life I was a college professor at the University of Nebraska (3 years) and the rest of my work experience was in consumer electronics with the last 18 years of work at JVC. I am married to Doris and have 2 kids David and Jenn.

I retired in 2003 and my XYL retired in 2004 after she taught for 33 years. We currently live in
Venice, Florida, but also have a QTH in Grayson, GA and visit it regularly. In May, 2007 I reactivated and have been operating mobile ever since.

So with the
Toyota minivan I have an ICOM706MKIIG, Lakeview Hamsticks, and an Ameritron ALS-500M amp, and a TELETEC DXP-V175 Linear Amplifier and a Comet antenna. It must be doing OK because I have worked over 100 DX entities (on HF) via the mobile plus lots of domestic stations with very little sun spot activity. In the summer of 2007 we took a 16,000 mile drive in the country from Venice, FL to Anchorage, AK and back...much to my XYL's dismay I yakked my way across North America with Gypsy and Stella our flatcoated retrievers. (They made golden retrievers from this breed in the 1860's) They were with us every mile of the trip and were outstanding travelers.

Now about the base station.
The station is a work in progress and I have received immeasurable help from some TARC members.
I would like to thank Stew W4MO for his patience with me and sorting out things I screw up. I'd like to thank Jack W4JS for helping me with the tower, rotor and the Henry 3K "big signal" machine. I'd like to thank Bob N1RA, Guenther KF4WFA, and Peter N4RD for their ideas and assistance. 
3 huge thank-yous to Andy KB1HIP, Konrad WA3RRS, and Jack KY1Z because without their help I'd be nowhere :)
 I am using a Yaesu FT-450AT transceiver, Heil HM-10 mic, a Henry 3K amp, Dentron Clipperton T tuner, Kenwood TM-271A...and a SteppIR BigIRII vertical. I have a homebrew 5 band broadband hex-beam on a tower with the base plate at about 43 feet. That should make a big difference. I have put up a wire for 40M, but it's not too high and I'm not sure what to do yet about that. For CW I'll need to practice on my Hi-Mound HK-702...I'm a brass-pounder.
That's it for now. I'll edit more as things change. Good DX and many QSO's.

Bruce WA8IQF/often mobile

Bruce WA8IQF