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Biography of Charlie Covell - W4DB


I was born Feb.3, 1933 in a farm house where my parent lived... I grew up in a farm community in Steuben County, Indiana and after graduating from High School in 1951,   joined the Air Force in March of 1952  where I trained as an Air Traffic Controller at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS. then went to Moody Air Force Base, Valdosta Ga.  After a couple years I was transferred to Anchorage Alaska where I finished my tour of duty in 1956. Attended Ball State Teachers College for a year, but decided to take a job with the CAA now FAA at Ft. Wayne, IN.  retiring in 1988.  I got interested in Ham Radio from my Father- in -Law (W9PC) around 1970.  My wife Karen and I both received a novice license that year, my call was WN9EGE and Karen’s was WN9EGF. After several attempts to upgrade, I gave up for several years.  After we moved to Angola, IN.,  I found out the Ham Radio Club there was conducting classes in Amateur Radio, so I tried again and passed my Tech license with code on Nov.10, 1992 and  received call sign N9RZU effective  Jan.19, 1993.  I upgraded to General  Nov.14, 1992 , effective  Mar.16 1993,  at Ft. Wayne Ham Radio Convention. [ NOTE:  My Tech and General tests and receiving of licenses were processed prior to the quickness of today’s Computer procedures]    We moved to Venice FL  October 1998.  I then joined the Tamami Amateur Radio Club,  later upgrading to Amateur Extra  Dec. 21, 1998 with new call sign  AG4TT.   July 7, 2005  I received my vanity call sign W4DB.  That’s about it for me. 73’s,   L. H. “Charlie” Covell - W4DB.