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I have forever liked radios and electricity. The biggest treat I could have was to have my dad take me to the famed “Maxwell St.” in Chicago. There I was looking for old junk radios.  Then while in high school I took the ham radio class at Allied Radio in Chicago. It was every Monday night for 13 weeks where you learned code and theory. They gave you the novice test and upon competition a log book ( I still have it) and a J-38 key. I received my novice ticket on January 31st, 1961 at age 16.

One month later I took and passed the 13 WPM code test and failed the written exam.  My transmitter was homebrew, a novice Kilowatt and the receiver was a used and abused NC-57 by National. I added a Q multiplier then a Q-5er  and then a 10 and 15 meter converter and an FL-8 audio filter. These are all the things you do when you have no money, same holds true today..... In 1964 I worked for Allied radio / Knight electronics repairing Knightkits. 

I then got drafted and was shipped off to Alaska and due to ham radio I became a radio mechanic.

I have been continuously active in various facets, RTTY,  Amateur Television fast scan,  VHF and HF. 

Current activities are DXing, mostly CW and local repeaters.

This hobby is just as much fun and interesting as it was some 53 years ago and electronics has been my vocation


73, Don, K9DDO

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