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I became interested in ham radio in 1969, when I was 15.   My High School teacher was active in ham radio and offered to teach students about the hobby.  I joined his study sessions and got my Novice Ticket shortly after.  I attended a traditional field day with the group using tents, generators, and dipole antennas.  It was fantastic !   

Unfortunately I turned 16, got a used Ford Mustang, and found girls.  While this was a lot of fun, I let my license expire and never looked back until 2012 when I retired after 34 years with IBM.  I had moved to Venice and found TARC.  I read my study guides and got my General Ticket from the TARC VE's.  Two years later I got my Extra Ticket. 

My rig is a Flex-3000 with an Alpha 9500 Amp and a Hy-Gain AV-640 vertical antenna at 35 feet.

I operate Phone, Digital, and CW.

73, Dave - K4JDG