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K3SY short bio.

I became interested in ham radio when in my teens listening to hams on my parent’s old Silvertone radio – the one with the tuning eye below the dial – in the early fifties.  I dabbled in the process of learning the code then, and later during high school.  My college roommate was W3ZHQ, and I made my first contact on his rig.  A new job and kids put things on the back burner for years, but the spark was still there.  About 1976, a co-worker, K3UC, talked me into getting my license, and Elmered me through the process.   I was first licensed as WB3CCV as a technician.  By 1978 I had progressed to advanced and then extra.

My first and only emergency experience came after the 1977 Johnstown, PA flood.  I, along with two other hams from the W3OI club in Allentown, PA, went to Johnstown and worked emergency traffic for three days using the K3SEW station in the Woodvale section of the city.

My first real station was a Kenwood 520, and now I run an ICOM IC-736.  My antennas in Allentown included dipoles for 40 and 80 meters, early on a tri-band quad for 10, 15, and 20, replaced with a 52-foot self-supporting crank-up tower with a beam.  Needless to say, I didn’t bring those items to Florida.  Nowadays I use a Hy-Gain AV14-AVQ vertical attached to my lanai cage, rigged so, from the ground, I can lower it to a cradle using a rope and home-brew latching mechanism, along with a 10-meter dipole, and a 20-meter hamstick dipole in the attic as backups.

I have just gotten set up to use PSK-31, and am looking forward to using a new mode for me.

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