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Upon my discharge from the Army in 1960 I joined the Schenectady, NY Fire Department. The starting pay was only $3900 per year so it therefore required a part-time job to support a family. Electric City Radio Supply came into my life. It was primarily a radio and tv tube supply outfit. The owners teen age son was into Ham Radio as WA2BAH and I spent a lot of time moving and setting up his portable locations for contests & etc. The bug bit and kept chewing on me.

At that time I also met W2VDI who fed the urge by converting me from CB to Ham Radio. As an Elmer he pushed me into this great environment as WB2MEQ. First HF unit was a Harvey Wells T-90. I built a Heath Kit "Seneca" which I often took with me to a particular firehouse that was three stories high and gave me a place to mount my 6 meter halo antenna.

Life situation changed and I dropped out of Ham. Retired from The Fire Department in 1986 and moved to Warren Pa. as Corporate Director of Fire Safety and Security for a Refinery and got back into electronics by designing  CCTV and Security systems. My son came to live with me and to my surprise he became N3BXH (now N3MFL). Life keeps changing and I retired from the Refinery got married, moved to Nokomis where life changed again and in 2010 went to Sarasota and became KJ4TNI.

Found TARC and am here to stay

73's Fred KJ4TNI

Fred Lathwood