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By James Lawson

It is a very thorough walkthrough, starting from deriving equations for mutual and self

impedance of parasitic elements in chapter 1 and going on through simple antennas,

performance optimizations, loop antennas, the effects of ground, stacking, and several

practical designs, including those for 7,14,21, and 28 MHz. As the editor, Bill Myers puts it,

"the very large ratio of figures and tables to text has made the logical presentation of this

material exceptionally challenging."

There are lots of polar plots and tables for gain and front to back ratio.
There are plenty of formulas with experimental verification/validation included.

Feedpoint resistance/reactance is mentioned, but there aren't too many details in

manipulating the resistance, partly because the author feels that discussion is trivial and

because it is only valid at single operating point. The computer modeling methodology is

somewhat dated and broad band yagis are barely touched on. With this book, you can

reverse-calculate all the assumptions that the other guys made when they wrote their books.

An excellent companion to Lawson's work on physical design. Should be on your shelf if you

really want to understand Yagis.