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Disaster Amateur Radio Network (DARN) 2010

DARN is a UHF/VHF Rado Network that provides emergency and back up communications for the Disaster Response Teams of Catholic Charities
Diocese of Venice, which serves the communities that make up the
ten counties of South West Florida.

DARN volunteers are FCC licensed amateur radio operators most with
General Class or Extra Licenses, who make themselves available in the
immediate aftermath of a disaster in the diocese and can be expected to handle Health and Welfare messages, via UHF/VHF Voice Radio

The common traits of a DARN Voluntee: Reliable, Caring, and enjoys amateur radio..   

Volunteers for the Disaster Amateur Radio Network operate from one of the DARN UHF/VHF fully equipped  Base Stations, located in Naples, Ft, Myers, Port Charlotte, Venice and Arcadia, and soon to be added Sarasota and Bradenton; or from their homes or privately owned vehicles.   Those seeking to be volunteers with DARN are given options.  

Both DARN and Catholic Charities serve all people in emergency need regardless
of race, creed, religion or place of origin.  The proof is in the pudding, in the hurricanes of 2003 and 2004 over 40,000 people were served.

TARC has granted permission to DARN to be the primary user of Repeater Frequency 146.805 in the immediate aftermath of a disaster and for training
Purposes.   Several of  TARC members are  DARN volunteers.   TARC has
and continues to render technical and manpower assistance upon request.

For its part DARN encourages its membership in the Venice area to join TARC.
and to show its appreciation for many acts of kindness show to it, DARN donated
an emergency generator to the club.

The above in an example of neighbor helping neighbor in harmony and good will.
We encourage the reader to look to TARC and DARN to fulfill their hobby and volunterism needs.


    Bob K1RCS – DARN Coordinator